Will I likely agree with the views expressed in the book?

You will not always agree with the contributors’ points of view. In fact, many of the contributors had opposing views in some areas. But by listening to and considering what they have to say can help you examine your own philosophies and beliefs. The result can be you becoming more conscious in who you choose to be, how you choose to think and the actions that you choose to take to have a more successful and satisfying life. There are some topics, such as spirituality and family/parental, that you may find to be especially personal for you. Other than to encourage you to maturely question your thoughts and actions as well as those thoughts and actions of people around you, it is not my intent to sway the reader in any particular direction.

Life Balance Seminar

The Life Balance Seminar is described on this web site by selecting Seminar in the top menu. To date, I have conducted over a dozen of these 4-hour seminars and have several booked as I write this. In all cases, many attendees approach me afterward and tell me that they needed to hear some of these life lessons at this point in their lives… regardless of their age or life experience. Whether the topic was about improving their effectiveness at work, relationships, managing finances, pursuing a dream or losing a loved one, there are always nuggets of wisdom that can help a person live a more happy, prosperous and successful life. The seminar has already given inspiration to hundreds of participants. The seminar is based on the book, The Gift of Wisdom: Lessons for a Lifetime.

Will I read philosophies, thoughts and advice that will be new to me or will it mostly be what I already know?

Without knowing your life experiences and the lessons that you have learned from them, I cannot know the value that you can gain from the philosophies, thoughts and advice offered in this book. There are over 1000 passages and many of them may be new to young people. However, people with more years often need reminding or reinforcement of what they once knew—particularly if they never heeded the advice the first time it was encountered. Moreover, we all face new obstacles from time to time and the book can offer support in those times of need as well. I wish I had had this book throughout my adult life and had listened to its wise advice.