What was the purpose for writing The Gift of Wisdom?

It is four-fold.

  1. In America, it is my view that we typically do not recognize, respect, honor or draw upon the tremendous wealth of wisdom that resides in our elders. I want to contribute to turning this thinking around by capturing that wisdom, albeit only a slither, and making it available to the populace—no matter the age.
  2. I want to provide a source of inspiration and help to all peoples so that they may have access to the experience and wisdom of their elders so their lives may benefit in some positive way.
  3. I want to offer a forum to encourage people to think for themselves. There is too little of this in our world. Too many people blindly follow others and/or act irrationally without questioning their own actions and the consequences of those actions on themselves and on others.
  4. The contributors to this book often had differing views and, arguably, none were incorrect. I want to show the diversity of a cross-section of America and, although we may have our differences, we have far more in common. America’s diversity makes us stronger as long as we demonstrate tolerance and seek to understand one another.