More on Life Balance Seminar…

The relatively new Life Balance Seminar is increasingly popular. The most recent Life Balance Seminar I conducted was on March 23, 2013 (about 4 weeks ago) at the University of Toronto in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. The Lakeshore Chapter of the Project Management Institute sponsored the 4-hour event. There were 90 attendees after only about four weeks of promoting the event—a great accomplishment by Richard Steer, Senior Vice President of the PMI Lakeshore Chapter, and his team. I absolutely love conducting this seminar which is all about life and the captured wisdom of 25 senior Americans as documented in the book: The Gift of Wisdom: Lessons for a Lifetime. Each seminar has many attendees that have personally told me that they experienced “ah-ha” moments of joy, warmth, inspiration, hope, ideas and so much more that can help them be more deliberate in order to achieve more effective, balanced and full lives—both at work and personally. Here is a sample of what seminar participants are saying:

  • What a powerful and thought-provoking seminar! It is applicable to many areas of life: work, home, past (lessons learned) and future.
  • I was transfixed on every snippet of wisdom and story that Neal shared. I did not miss a word and wished that the seminar was longer.
  • If I would have been exposed to this seminar earlier in my career—and had the foresight and maturity to have taken it to heart—I would be further along in my career. I believe that everyone needs this booster shot every few years.

See for the date and location when the next Life Balance Seminar will be offered to the public.