Sales Buddy Program

What is the Sales Buddy Program?
The Sales Buddy Program is an arrangement between you and The Neal Whitten Group whereby you are financially compensated for book sales of The Gift of Wisdom: Lessons for a Lifetime that result from your efforts.

What do I have to do?
As a “Sales Buddy,” you are given an individualized coupon code. When you provide someone the online link to the web site, you also give them your coupon code which can authorize them a discount on purchasing the book. When they purchase a book from the web site using your coupon code, you will receive a fee for each book purchased. (This program does not apply to the eBook version because the purchaser will be directed to for the purchase.)

How much money will I make from each book sale?
The amount you make from each sale depends on the discount you are allowing when your coupon code is used. For example, if a Sales Buddy requests a coupon code that provides a ten percent discount (about $2 off from the $19.95 book), then that Sales Buddy will pocket $5 for himself or herself. You are dealing with a total of about $7. In the above example, about $2 went to the discount and $5 went to the Sales Buddy. Another example is setting the discount at 20 percent whereby about $4 will go to the discount and the Sales Buddy will receive $3.

Can I offer no discount and pocket $7 from the sale?
Yes, but the purchaser may not be motivated to type in your coupon code. Without the coupon code, there will be no way to link the sale with your efforts.

Can I offer a 35 percent discount (about $7 off the $19.95 book) and not receive any fee for the sale?
Yes. For example, you could offer this large discount to family and close friends.

Can I be assigned more than one coupon code so that I can offer a different discount depending on my target audience?
Yes. You can have up to three coupon codes assigned to you.

How often will I be paid for sales attributed to me?
You will be paid on a monthly basis. You will be sent a check for the amount earned by approximately the 20th of the following month.

Does the Sales Buddy Program include purchases of books for shipment outside the United States and Canada?
No, not at this time. If a purchaser desires to purchase a book for delivery outside the United States and Canada, the purchaser on web site will be directed to another on-line bookseller such as

How do Sales Buddies typically distribute the link and coupon code to potential purchasers of the book?
There are many, many methods and each Sales Buddy will choose their own method. For example, Sales Buddies can place the link and coupon code in emails to others, on their Facebook status updates and posts, in posts and updates on LinkedIn, in posts on MySpace, in tweets, in newsletters, on their web sites, on their blogs, on message boards, forums or other website postings, and in any other on-line method they use to communicate with their friends, family and community …or just tell someone.

How do I sign up for the Sales Buddy Program?
Simply complete and submit the Sales Buddy Program Agreement found on this web site. Please note: You are not eligible for the Sales Buddy Program if you are a resident of California, Colorado, Illinois, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Connecticut or any state where such programs are prohibited.

Will I need to provide any personal information other than standard addresses, email and phone numbers?
Yes. If you are a US citizen or a resident alien in the US and if the payments due to you reach $600 over a tax year, you must complete a Form W-9 for IRS tax purposes. This will require you to provide your social security number. All of your information will be held in strict confidence. Moreover, if you have accrued $600 for a given year, you will receive a Form 1099-MISC early the next year for IRS tax purposes.

Once I complete and submit the Sales Buddy Program Agreement, how soon thereafter will I receive the coupon code(s) assigned to me?
Typically you will receive the coupon code(s) within five days, but often within hours.

Why are you providing the Sales Buddy Program?
Based on early indicators, The Neal Whitten Group believes that The Gift of Wisdom: Lessons for a Lifetime has the basis to be an exceptionally helpful and widely popular book. Its insights, wisdom and guidance can help many, many people be more comfortable with who they choose to be and more happy, prosperous and successful in their lives. The book can only help people if they know about it. The Sales Buddy Program is a venue to spread the word about the book.