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The Gift of Wisdom: Lessons for a Lifetime offers all ages inspiration.

Jasper, GA—Neal Whitten, noted speaker and author of professional works on general, leadership, and project management topics, turns his talents to the creation of a truly inspirational book with the recently published, The Gift of Wisdom: Lessons for a Lifetime.

Through open-ended questions, Whitten draws insights from the life experiences of 25 older Americans. Representing different ethnic, economic, religious, and social groups, the interviewees reflect on their diverse lives and express their unique perspectives. They share with us the wisdom they have developed over the years and offer their advice for a life well lived.

From thoughts on a wide range of topics that include family, health, finances, hardships, philosophies that drive you, caregiving, pursuing your dreams, and so much more, this collection gives readers of any generation a thoughtful and inspiring gift: the accumulated wisdom of these members of this venerable generation.

Deftly woven together by the author, the selections form a warm, readable, and ultimately inspiring book.

This book is a departure from Whitten’s other works. He previously published a group of highly regarded texts, including Neal Whitten’s No-Nonsense Advice for Successful Projects and Neal Whitten’s Let’s Talk: More No-Nonsense Advice for Project Success; Over 700 Q&As with Management Concepts Press, Managing Software Development Projects: Formula for Success with Wiley Publishing, and Becoming an Indispensable Employee in a Disposable World with Prentice-Hall. He is a sought-after presenter at national and international professional organizations.

For interviews with the author, please contact [email protected].

Copies are available directly from the publisher at or through your local or online bookstore.

The Gift of Wisdom:  Lessons for a Lifetime, ©2011 The Neal Whitten Group, ISBN 978-0-615-44963-0, softcover, 480 pages.