Seminar Q&A

What is the Life Balance seminar?
The Life Balance seminar (4-hours) is designed for all employees of an organization or company. The objectives are to help employees:

  • Examine life lessons from their elders—those who have been there
  • Reflect on their own philosophies and beliefs
  • Become more effective at work
  • Improve their work-life balance (if needed)
  • Believe in their ability to make things happen
  • Live life more deliberately
  • Live a more happy, prosperous and successful life.

Why would a company want to offer this seminar to their employees?
This is a quality-of-life seminar that includes living a more deliberate, balanced and full life—which includes being more effective at work, achieving a reasonable work/life balance, and receiving life mentoring. It demonstrates to employees that their employer does indeed care about them and their prosperity and wellbeing not just at work but outside work as well. The seminar helps employees realistically look within themselves for solving their problems, dealing with obstacles, and helping them to think for themselves.

Will the seminar talk about things directly related to work?
Yes. Topics include attributes that contribute to employees’ effectiveness and can benefit their careers, dealing with stress and hardships, time management, relationships …among others.

What is the Life Balance seminar based on?
The Life Balance seminar is based on the 480-page book, The Gift of Wisdom: Lessons for a Lifetime by best-selling Leadership, Project Management and Employee Development author Neal Whitten. This is Neal’s seventh book and is a departure from his usual books in the technical and business arenas. Neal interviewed 25 senior Americans that roughly represent the diversity of America and asked them what lessons they learned and advice they would give to others. A wide range of topics are covered including philosophies in living life, relationships, family, education, health, finances, workplace, stress, pursuing your dreams, hobbies and leisure time, caregiving, dealing with hardships, aging and retirement, doing it all over, and so much more. This collection of over 1000 unique passages gives readers of any generation a thoughtful and inspiring gift: the accumulated wisdom of these members of this venerable generation.

This is the seminar Neal wishes that he had had in his early twenties and again every few years. Many people in their mid-years and later wish that they would have taken steps to be more effective at work as well as improved their work-life balance over the years. Neal also falls in that category. What better gift to employees than to help them reflect on their current philosophies and beliefs and suggest ways that they can improve their effectiveness both on and off the job.

Is the entire book presented during the seminar?
No, less than one-tenth of the 1000 passages in the book are presented—the passages that have the most relevance in a work-setting seminar of only 4 hours. The attendees can read the full book on their own. They will find the book to be warm, readable, and ultimately inspiring. It is a feel-good book for people of all ages that has captured the treasured wisdom of our elders.

Is a 4-hour seminar of sufficient length to be effective?
Yes. As a life-long business person, Neal recognizes the importance of employee productivity and the limited availability of employees for training. This seminar is intended to provide employees with useful information that can not only help them be more productive, but can help raise morale across an organization. Four hours is sufficient to address key points. The attendees will each receive the book which can be studied and referenced for days and years to come.

What are the materials that each attendee will receive?
As just mentioned, they will receive the book, The Gift of Wisdom: Lessons for a Lifetime, a notebook of course visuals and one or more sheets of Power Snippets (summary lists of key points from the seminar that attendees often post nearby as motivational reminders).

Is there a limit to the number of employees attending a seminar?
The most participant-effective and cost-effective size of a seminar is 30-50 attendees—small enough for meaningful class interaction, yet large enough for accommodating a sizable group of employees.

Will participants be eligible for PDUs?
Yes. Four Professional Development Units (PDUs) are available for seminar participants, one PDU per instruction hour. Certified Project Management Professionals (PMPs) will want these PDUs to help satisfy their PDU requirements to remain PMP certified with the Project Management Institute.

What is the cost for a seminar?
The answer depends on a number of factors such as the number of seminars to be conducted and the time proximity between seminars. For example, the cost to conduct two 4-hour seminars in one day (morning and afternoon) is only a fraction more than conducting only one seminar. Conducting several consecutive days of seminars will also reduce the cost per seminar. The materials are US $29 per attendee. Contact Neal to obtain the full cost for your situation.