Seminar Description

Seminar Name: Life Balance

Seminar Duration: 4 hours

Seminar Description: How’s your Life Balance? Many people in their mid-years and later wish they would have been more on point and deliberate much earlier in their lives so they would have experienced a more effective, balanced and full life—both at work and personally. This thought-provoking, potentially life-changing seminar, geared for all ages, addresses this dilemma head on, revealing choices to make and behaviors to adopt that are essential in attaining the Life Balance you desire.

The seminar is based on the 480-page book, The Gift of Wisdom: Lessons for a Lifetime by veteran author Neal Whitten. Neal interviewed 25 senior Americans that roughly represent the diversity of America and asked them what lessons they learned and advice they would pass along to others. The wide range of life topics covered included philosophies in living life, workplace, stress, time management, relationships, family, health, finances, pursuing your dreams, caregiving, dealing with hardships, retirement, feeling good, doing it all over, and so much more.

The book’s passages that are discussed are those that have the most relevance in a work-setting seminar of only 3 or 4 hours. The book has a wealth of aditional information that attendees can explore on their own. They will find the book to be warm, readable, and ultimately inspiring. It is a feel-good book for people of all ages that has captured the treasured wisdom of our elders.

This is the seminar Neal wishes that he had had in his early twenties and again every few years. The seminar examines the life lessons from our elders and challenges attendees to reflect on their own philosophies and beliefs. The seminar can help you in becoming who you choose to be and in living a more happy, prosperous and successful life.

Who Should Attend: The Life Balance seminar is designed for all employees of an organization or company. Because The Gift of Wisdom covers a broad range of life topics, it is intended to help, comfort, or inspire almost anyone—teenagers, college students, and adults of all ages, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, or religion. The book has material that speaks to new or seasoned professionals in the workforce, newlyweds, parents, grandparents, caregivers, retirees, and people going through hardships, pursuing their dreams, or simply looking for thoughts to pause and reflect upon.

Learning Objectives: The objectives are to help employees:

  • Examine life lessons from their elders
  • Reflect on their own philosophies and beliefs
  • Become more effective at work
  • Improve their work-life balance (if needed)
  • Believe in their ability to make things happen
  • Live life more deliberately
  • Live a more happy, prosperous and successful life.

Seminar Material: Each attendee receives the following:

  • The book: The Gift of Wisdom: Lessons for a Lifetime
  • A notebook of course visuals
  • One or more sheets of Power Snippets (summary lists of key points from the seminar that attendees often post nearby as motivational reminders).