The Gift of Wisdom has a wonderful rhythm to it. Each chapter is like a 4th of July fireworks display—the reader oohs and ahs, uncertain about what will come next, but quite certain that something wonderful is about to happen.
—Steve Bennett, Cambridge, Massachusetts

I found myself completely immersed and humbled by this collection of insightful wisdom. You can’t help but feel vulnerable as you reflect on the experiences of your own life. This book truly confirms that every life comes with a story and an even greater lifetime adventure.
—Stephanie Short, Auburn, Alabama

The contributors to this book became like friends, offering me advice, encouraging me, holding me accountable, and rejoicing with me in good times.
—Diane Wells, Jasper, Georgia

The Gift of Wisdom is a book for adults of any age to reference throughout their lives. The experience and wisdom shared will help you look differently at yourself and cause you to examine your thoughts and actions. This book truly is a gift… for a lifetime!
—Judy Maus, Seattle, Washington

The Gift of Wisdom is a timeless legacy and resource of sensible advice, which makes it an exceptional gift for our adult children—to help them navigate through life’s obstacles and thoughtfully build and lead rewarding lives.
—Barbara Sharpe Gardner, Flower