Contributor Quotes

“The best relationships are made up of two partners supporting the other in pursing their dreams.”
—Fernando Arce
“Don’t try to solve all the world’s problems. Choose your battles and fight them well. If you try to take on everything, you will succeed at nothing.”
—Oliver Bancroft
“A good education offers a key to opportunity, freedom, and prosperity in a way that nothing else in your life will do.”
—Valeria Begay
“Families form the heart of this country and the heart of individuals alike. Members of a family should strive to care for, support, and respect one another—in good times and in bad times.”
—Robert (Bob) Douglas Berry
“You know you are doing the right thing when you feel it in your very soul.”
—Jenny Lind Berry
“Although I had to get up early each morning, stay up late each night, and work all day long in between, I enjoyed my life far more when I worked for myself and kept the business until I retired.”
—Royce Breedlove
“We are all responsible for our own success, whether we come from the ghetto, an orphanage, a single-parent home, or a life of privilege.”
—Hilda O. Byrd
“We are each a part of this world, not the center of this world. By taking a more humble view, we are better able to be in harmony with all life and wonderment around us.”
—Eliu Camacho
“Everyone should have dreams and aspirations, which are motivating, keep you going, and give you something to deliberately strive for.”
—Bobbie Casey
“When faced with a problem… focus on dealing with the problem head on. Resist spending too much time analyzing and too little time taking action.”
—Martin (Mark) Casey
“The ripple effect of my actions—my deeds—has all kinds of implications in a world where everything is connected to everything else.”
—Charna Cohn
“When my first child was born some 40 years ago, I asked my father to tell me the best thing I could do for her. He said, ‘Georgie, love and respect her mother. That is the best thing you can do for your child.’”
—St. George Crosse
“Ordinary people can accomplish extraordinary things. Success simply requires a commitment to see something through to its end.”
—Ann El-Moslimany
“For me, spirituality is an ongoing process shaped by life experiences.”
—Sandra Harrsen
“I never told my dad that I loved him. I very much wish that I had.”
—Frederick A. LaPlume
“What I find so interesting about life is that regardless of what a person looks like, when you get past the veneer, we are all the same. We all have the same wants and needs and problems. We are truly all in this together.”
—Hazel Lowe
“Try not to compare yourself with others. If you choose to compete, then compete with yourself and with the objective of continuous improvement.”
—Dr. Yung-Chen Lu
“Children cannot lead themselves because they don’t have the necessary life experience. Parents do have life lessons to share, and, when necessary, they have to pull rank on their children to instill those lessons.”
—Malcolm “Buck” Marsh, Jr.
“Don’t put off the important and fun things until later. Later can have a habit of never arriving.”
—Pat McCarty
“Make your work-related decisions as if you owned the company that employs you.”
—Skip Medina
“It does wonders for self-confidence to move out from under another person’s shadow to create your own.”
—Judith R. Nelson
“I would rather play on a losing team than sit on the bench of a winning team. Winning can be great, but not if it means overlooking the joy, adventure, and benefit of the journey.”
—Rod Randall
“I choose not to spend time worrying about tomorrow or wallowing in a past that may not have shown me in my best light. I choose to live in the present—the now—and to be thankful for what I have at that moment.”
—Val Schmitt
“Someday you will look back upon your life and recognize how all the hardships you’ve faced have affected you—how certain incidents and your responses to them made you who you are.”
—Chuck Soukup
“I wish I had spent more time with my grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins and insisted that they tell me about their lives, their childhood, their family, and so on. As a retired person, I am curious and have all these questions to ask and the time on my hands to ask them… but there’s no one left to ask.”
—Phil Zeiss