What is the The Gift of Wisdom about?

Most people are constantly in search of the proverbial “silver bullet”—that something spoken or written that can give them comfort, maybe even confidence, as they live their lives each day. They are looking for advice from someone who has been there and persevered, someone who has the scars but also can share the encouragement and wisdom of their journey. We have all been inspired, touched or consoled by a quote or story that came our way at just the right moment when we most needed to hear it. Those words lifted us or comforted us or caused us to reflect on our present journey.

This book is intended to do just that plus more—to help you live a more successful and satisfying life by offering the gift of wisdom from people who have, by most measures, lived a long life and have accumulated a treasure of experiences and lessons. These are people who have experienced many special friendships and losses, victories and defeats, setbacks and challenges and opportunities, and acquired a plethora of moments and memories that have left them with an invaluable wisdom that cannot otherwise be possible. These people represent treasured resources from whom we all can benefit.