How I chose the people who contributed to The Gift of Wisdom

I interviewed 25 people from across the United States who were willing to share their thoughts and experiences in a book so that others might benefit from their life’s adventures up to this moment. Most of these people I did not know beforehand. All the people are from within three degrees of separation from me who met certain criteria such as being at least 65 years of age, American citizen (but did not have to be born in the United States) and from a certain demography. The contributors are both males and females from a cross section of America—folks that roughly represent the ethnic, race and religious cross section of America from a wide range of vocations, educational backgrounds and life experiences. I want the book to be a reasonable representation of the melting pot of America—as much as 25 people can do so. I was not interested so much in what these people did for a living but what they learned from their life experiences.

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